January 27th, 2022
Congratulations! February 2019 Graduates Caleb Davis, Wyatt Driller, Dreyton Enyard, Austin Evans, Kynzi Gladbach, Ervin Gomez, Paulo Gomez, Conner Johnson, Aidan Kalthoff, Benny Lin, Sunny Lin, Victoria Lopez, Jayden Moore, Debbie Osburn, Anna Pinedo, Rosa Pinedo, Evelio Pinedo, Ishaan Sharma, Jacob Simsheuser, Malachi Mingo, Xavier Ragan
Make Friends Bullyproof Superpower #1 We AVOID conflict by understanding and being aware of it. When we recognize that a fight or conflict is brewing and we can see it about to start we can attempt to do something to PREVENT it. AVOID THE CONFLICT: Make Friends We all know how to make friends and there isn't anyone (even a bully) who doesn't need admiration and respect. Find a common interest like sports, or video games or reading and strike up a conversation. Who knows...you may make a new friend.
Austin Evans Student of the Month
RESPONSIBILITY January 27, 2022 | Merit forms due March 2

Being responsible is awesome because people will trust you more. They will see you as someone they can depend on to make good choices and do the right thing.

ASSIGNMENT: With your parents come up with how you are going to show Responsibility either at home, school or dojo.

BALANCE January 27, 2022

Balance is being able to hold a position and keep our center of gravity.
It is very important for things like walking and running and our karate skills.
We need to work on our balance so we stay on our feet and don’t fall.

Pizza Party February 23, 2019 | FREE

Come join us with our AKKA Northland and AKKA Westport families!!!

Sparring Seminar March 30, 2019

At AKKA Westport – Presented by Mr. Dylan Schee of AKKA Northland
Sparring Gear Required

AKKA Spring Tournament April 20, 2019

Kumite Tournament – Point Matches – Team Sparring – Continuous Round Matches