Practicing Practice

Well, here we are once again with the back to school season.
This can be an exciting time  with lots of new things.

  • new grade
  • new teachers
  • new school supplies
It can also be a very chaotic time with schedule changes, extracurricular activities and homework projects. With this in mind I would like to emphasize the importance of staying on track with our karate training. With the turbulence of the new school year approaching it is the consistency of coming to class and practicing that can balance the academic whirlwind.
Last month’s theme in the Juniors class was “Practice”. In our academic schools the teachers give out homework so students will learn the lessons being taught in the classroom. The karate “school” is no different. As instructors we expect our students to practice their “homework” to learn their new and improve their previous material.
Getting good in school…academic and karate…is simple…practice, practice, practice.
That is the secret! As my teacher has said, “I have never seen repetition not work.”
So, as parents, the key to our child’s success in their schoolwork and their karate training is…
“Practice, right Mr. Burt?”
NO! That is their job.
Our job is support and encouragement!
Our kids will succeed to the degree we SUPPORT  them in their endeavors…PERIOD!
“Well, how do we do that Mr. Burt?”
I am glad you asked. I will answer in the context of their karate training.
Stay and watch class. Then, during the ride home, say these words: “I really enjoyed watching you tonight” and then tell them something specific that you liked seeing.
If you are unable to stay (really think about what that might mean) then when you see them at home ask them to show you what they learned and then tell them something good about what they showed you. CONSISTENTLY bring them to their lessons. Make up any missed classes!!!
Hold them accountable to practicing at home. Just like you would expect them to get their school work done…be sure to let them know that it is important to you that they stay on top of their karate “homework”. And be actively involved in this, especially if your child is not a self motivator…most are not. Call their moves for them. Set a timer and have them run their kata until it goes off. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out session. 10-15 minutes. One chart per day. A little of something is better than a lot of nothing.
And parents…this kind of support is a practice as well. We need to practice this kind of support consistently, over time. If we show our kids that we care about what they are doing just as much…wait…even more so…as they do then they cannot help but be encouraged and are virtually guaranteed success.
Take care and I will see you in class.