Garbage In, Garbage Out

I remember when computers first came out. The old Apple IIe with the keyboard integrated into the CPU with dual floppy drives and the big CRT green screen monitor! A whopping 256 meg!

Boy were we on the cutting edge!

There was a simple rule of thumb when programming in DOS which still holds true today…Garbage in, garbage out. In other words the resulting functionality of the program on the back end was completely determined by the accuracy of the coding on the front end…no exceptions.

While I claim very little savvy when it comes to computers, etc.  I feel this garbage in, garbage out principle applies to many areas of our lives other than our techy devices. Specifically with our karate training.

So the question is…What kind of results do we want?

Sporadic, pop in training where we only come to class when we feel like it or it is convenient with our Netflix schedule (garbage in)  yields, at best, mediocre martial skill and ineffective ability to use these self defense skills if they are ever needed. As well, it perpetuates the mediocrity of our selves that we sought to change when we walked into the school in the first place (garbage out).

Whether it is with karate, diet, fitness, relationships, etc. When we “show up” only when it is convenient…”pop in” effort…we get “pop in” results.

The key is to consistently show up, work out, eat right, communicate with others, etc to get results that show consistent, and never ending improvement.

So, again, the question is…
What kind of results do we want?

“Pop in” results…show up whenever is convenient.

Consistent Improvement…show up and give our best effort consistently over time.