Always find ways to challenge your self

One of my teachers told me years ago to always find a way to challenge your self and I have tried (successfully and in vain) to pass this on to my students over the years. Eons ago, it seems, this began with my own introduction to martial arts training. Then it was things like riding 150 miles on my bike, competing in bodybuilding and hiking the Grand Canyon.

Well today the teacher became the student once again.

I have always been leary of rope climbing. Thanks to Coach Carl I was “encouraged” to do them for todays MetCon. You know, that kind of encouragement that expects you to do something rather than suggests it. (My students know what I am talking about.) It has never been about climbing high but about losing grip strength and not being able to hold on as I climb. Even with my coache’s encouragement I came close to just opting for the burpees instead. But I decided today to NOT let that fear…no matter how small…to get the better of me. Knots in the rope help tremendously but there were a couple of times during my 10 times up and down that 12 or so foot rope that I was worried and one time I did lose grip…luckily only about 5 feet up. But I stayed focused, kept going and got it done!

I joined Crossfit Cerberus to become a “white belt” again. To begin as a newbie and progress with something that is going to challenge and push me to be better. I have never asked my students to do anything I am not willing to do myself. This is one way I am doing this.

If we do not embrace our fears as opportunities to improve then we will remain in a rut….which is a grave with the ends open. We will never truly become the best version of our selves unless we intentionally get out of our comfort zone and DO things that MAKE us go beyond what we think we are capable of. Today it was rope climbs and I am still a bit anxious with them. But not to the point where I will avoid them next time. I have done them once…I CAN and WILL do them again. Conquering fear is a process, not an outcome. It takes commitment, dedication and perseverance; but in time even the most daunting challenges CAN be overcome!