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Welcome to AKKA Karate USA - Independence

   Hi! Tom Burt here from AKKA Karate USA - Independence.

   Welcome to our website!

   At AKKA we believe that studying the martial arts is a commitment to personal growth and development.   Our goal is to strive for consistent and never ending improvement not only in our
martial skills but in ALL aspects of our lives. Excellence in the martial arts must translate into
excellence in other areas as well. As we work to sharpen our skills against the attacker on the
street that we haven't met yet; we also strive to improve our self defense skills in areas like
physical fitness, self-esteem, confidence and discipline. 
We have fun studying karate and we want our student to have fun as well. We teach a classical
martial art with a traditional belt ranking system and the classes are organized by age: Kenpo Kids (4-6), Juniors (7- 11) Seniors (12 and up). The classes are set to the different stages of development based
on age. As well, the training is tailored to the individual student based on their personal abilities.
We offer lessons in Kenpo Karate and Tai Chi as well as provide a fully functional weight room and
workout area for general fitness and conditioning.

We are a locally owned business and have been serving our community since 1986.
We are committed to giving our students the best we can; on and off the mat.
We invite you to come in and watch a class. But watch out! You may like what you see so much
that you want to join in right then and there! No worries...we can set you up with an appointment to
take an Introductory lesson so you can experience our training first hand. Or you can call us at 816-373-1255 and I will personally set aside some tome to meet with you to discuss how you look to benefit from training in the martial arts.
If you like you may
CLICK HERE to receive an information packet about our school.
Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

   Thomas R. Burt - Manager
   AKKA Karate USA - Independence

Our Mission 
To inspire our students to aspire to become the best they can be.

Our Vision 
To create a family culture of dedicated students
who are committed to their journey toward Black Belt.

Our values ...PEACE!

Keeping an eye on the short and long term goals
of our martial arts system we seek to promote the
physical, mental, and spiritual growth of our students.

Expecting more of ourselves than others;
we commit, with energy and enthusiasm, 
our efforts toward pushing past individual limits
by conquering obstacles and overcoming fear.

Focusing on what we CAN do we
confront the challenges of the martial arts...
and life...with patience and perseverance.

Through the martial arts we seek to
better understand ourselves
creating in us a greater appreciation
of others resulting in mutual respect and support.

With a commitment to professionalism
through certified, award winning
instruction we seek to consistently
bring out the best in our students.